Amazon Review Management

As an Amazon seller, you are responsible for keeping track of all necessary product details to ensure your brand maintains its reputation and visibility. One area that often gets overlooked is product reviews. Many brands have had their products taken down by Amazon because they didn’t monitor the customer reviews on their products.

There are so many services offered by private-label companies these days that it can get a little overwhelming. However, they are all there to make your life as an Amazon seller easier. Here, we will discuss how you can use third-party Amazon Review Management Services through the help of our team at Eminent Ecom, to manage your product reviews and keep track of new ones that come in after launch.

When working with Eminent Ecom, you can be assured that you have an expert team behind your brand ready to help it grow.

What is Amazon Review Management?

Amazon Review Management services allow sellers to easily track and maintain their products' reviews. This is an important step for any seller because it allows you to stay on top of your reviews and ensure that there are no fake reviews that could hurt your reputation.

It’s also essential to ensure that all of your positive reviews remain on your product page because having a lot of positive reviews sends potential customers the message that your product is high-quality. The best thing about Amazon Review Management is that you can use this tool to ensure that your positive reviews remain on your product page even after Amazon removes them.

This is helpful because Amazon often removes positive reviews if they don’t think they are authentic. Amazon Review Management allows you to keep track of the reviews on your product page and even lets you respond to them so that customers know you appreciate them.

Amazon Seller’s Guide to Product Reviews

To manage the reviews on your Amazon product page, you’ll need to keep track of them as they come in. Even if you don’t respond to every review, it’s essential to keep track of them to know which products and reviews need your attention most urgently.

There are many ways to keep track of reviews on your product page, but nothing is more reliable than handwriting. Place a pad of paper next to your computer or keep a notepad app open on your smartphone and write down every review as it comes in.

Why is Amazon Review Management Important?

As we mentioned above, you must keep track of all the reviews on your product page because it lets you stay on top of the customers’ feedback and ensures that no fake reviews slip through the cracks. However, it’s also vital to ensure your positive reviews remain on your product page despite Amazon’s notorious review policy.

Most brands experience a dip in the number of reviews when they launch their product. This is primarily because fewer customers have had a chance to use the product and leave a review. However, Amazon doesn’t want your product page to look empty, so they often remove the positive reviews on your product page to fill the space.

What to Look for in an Amazon Review Management Service?

Before you sign up for an Amazon Review Management service, you must make sure that you choose the right one. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing an Amazon Review Management service:


First, you want to choose a reputable company with a proven track record. If you do some research, you should be able to find reviews from other Amazon sellers who have used these Amazon Review Management services before.


Another thing you’ll want to consider is the price of the service. While it is essential to choose a reputable company, you don’t want to pay an outrageous amount for the service.


Finally, you’ll want to ensure that the Amazon Review Management service has all the features you need. Look at the number of reviews the company can track monthly and the features and tools they offer.

How can a private label company assist with Amazon Review Management?

There are a few ways that Eminent Ecom, a private label company, can assist with Amazon Review Management. First and foremost, clients can opt for our automated review tracking software that keeps track of every single review on Amazon for your product, including positive and negative reviews.

This allows you to be on top of all reviews, responding to them and deleting negative reviews if necessary. It also lets you track any new reviews after the product launch. This software can also track product sales data and monitor your ROI. This is essential to selling on Amazon because it lets you figure out which products make money.

The E-com Professionals Investors Trust

If you’re interested in signing up for Amazon Review Management, you must partner with a reputable company that offers excellent customer service. Eminent Ecom is a private label company that helps Amazon sellers launch their private label brands quickly through our Amazon Review Management services.

We also offer many other helpful services that will make your life as an Amazon seller easier. This includes product sourcing, design services, and customer service 24/7. You can sign up for our Amazon Review Management service if you work with Eminent Ecom.

Eminent Ecom's Commitment to its Clients

We offer 24/7 customer service through our team of dedicated customer service representatives. We will work with you at every step, from product sourcing and design services to the Amazon Launch process. We provide you with a marketing plan to help increase your sales and brand visibility.

If you are interested in partnering with Eminent Ecom to start receiving Amazon Review Management services and much more, contact a sales representative today! They will work with you to create a custom solution to meet all of your needs.