Is Amazon FBA Worth the Investment?

December 27, 2022

In this article, we'll explore if Amazon FBA is worth it for your business and go over what you need to know before signing up.

When you sell on Amazon, you can reach millions of customers. But with so many sellers competing for the same shoppers, standing out can be challenging. One way to increase visibility is by using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) services.

And while there are some costs associated with FBA, Amazon sellers report that using FBA services can help reduce shipping costs and improve sales. In this article, we’ll explore if Amazon FBA is worth it for your business and go over what you need to know before signing up.

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for "Fulfillment by Amazon." It’s a program that lets you ship your product to an Amazon warehouse and have Amazon fulfill and ship the products directly to the customer. This allows you to scale your business beyond what you could do with just your resources.

Keep in mind that FBA isn’t for all sellers. If you have a time-sensitive or perishable product, FBA might not be your best choice. Amazon also doesn’t allow certain products, like liquids, gases, cosmetics, and vitamins.

Certain products are more expensive to ship, so Amazon doesn’t allow them in the program.

When is Amazon FBA worth it?

When you sign up for FBA, Amazon will take your products, store them in one of their warehouses, and then fulfill your orders. This means you don’t have to pack and ship your products.

There are a few factors to consider before signing up for FBA. To determine if Amazon FBA is worth it for your business, you should examine your costs and sales. You’ll want to look at your product costs, shipping costs, and sales to see if the extra costs associated with Amazon FBA will be worth the investment.

The more you sell, the more it makes sense to use Amazon FBA. Sales volume helps offset some extra costs you’ll incur by using FBA. 

Is Amazon FBA Worth It For Your Business?

Now that you’ve examined your costs and sales, you can determine if Amazon FBA is worth it for your business. Here’s what you should consider:

Product Costs

It’s important to know that Amazon takes a cut when you use FBA. They charge a fee for storing, packaging, and shipping your product for you. This fee is usually a percentage of your product’s price, but it varies. 

Shipping Costs

If you’re only shipping domestically, you’ll see a decrease in shipping costs when using Amazon FBA. Keep in mind, however, that Amazon’s fulfillment center can be far from your customers. Shipping directly to a customer from Amazon’s warehouse can take sometimes longer than shipping the product from your location.


Amazon FBA is a proven seller. Millions of customers worldwide turn to Amazon every day to make their purchases. When you use FBA, you’re tapping into that customer base. This can help boost your sales.

How to Make The Decision To Use Amazon FBA

You’ve examined your costs and sales and determined that Amazon FBA is worth it for your business. Now you’ll want to decide if you want to sign up for FBA. Some products are a better fit for FBA than others. Here are a few things to consider:


If your product requires special handling, you can’t use FBA.

Product Life

When deciding whether or not to use FBA, think about when your product will expire. If you have perishable goods, you can’t use FBA.

How Much Does FBA Cost?

Before you sign up for FBA, you’ll want to know how much it will cost. Amazon charges a fee to participate in FBA. This fee varies between product categories. When you sign up for FBA, you’ll be charged an application fee.

This is a one-time fee that can vary depending on the product category. There are monthly fees associated with FBA. Amazon charges these fees for storing, packing, and shipping your products.

Drawbacks of Amazon FBA

As with anything, there are drawbacks to using FBA.

Product Returns

One of the drawbacks of Amazon FBA is that product returns are more complicated. If a customer returns a product, Amazon will hold on to the product until the return is resolved. If the product isn’t damaged or defective, you’ll be responsible for shipping the product back to Amazon.


As we mentioned above, there are some costs involved with FBA. Considering these costs is essential when deciding if it’s worth it to sign up for FBA.

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Final words: Is Amazon FBA worth it?

Amazon FBA can help you scale your business and reach more customers. It can also help you make more money. Try to determine if Amazon FBA is worth it for your business. Take a look at your costs, sales, and products to determine if it makes sense to sign up for FBA.

You’ll want to ensure that your product is a good fit for FBA. If you sign up for FBA, make sure you understand the costs associated with the program and decide whether or not it’s worth it for your business.

Most importantly, by investing with Eminent Ecom, you will get the most out of the Amazon FBA experience.