How to Start an Amazon Store Business Model

December 27, 2022

Amazon has found success with its online marketplace, where third-party sellers list their products for sale alongside Amazon’s inventory. Sellers list their products for sale and pay a commission when an item is sold and monthly subscription fee.

Amazon has shaken up the retail industry, and its innovations have made it one of the biggest success stories of the internet age. The online retailer wants to change up brick-and-mortar businesses with its Amazon Go grocery stores.

Amazon has also found success with its online marketplace, where third-party sellers list their products for sale alongside Amazon’s inventory. Sellers list their products for sale and pay a commission when an item is sold and monthly subscription fee.

In exchange, sellers get access to potential customers and a set of seller services like product listing, search engine optimization, product recommendations, and fulfillment services.

In this article, we look at how you can launch your own Amazon store business model with an automated Amazon private label management service provider called Eminent Ecom.

What is the Amazon Store Business Model?

One way to think about the Amazon store business model is as a linear business model. This means that the seller does everything in the business that needs to be done, from making products to marketing and selling them.

This business model is often used in B2B industries, where one company sells its products to another. The Amazon store business model is different in allowing private label sellers to sell their products directly to consumers through the Amazon platform.

This business model uses a two-sided marketplace model, where a company operates a website that connects two distinct groups of customers: those who sell goods and purchase goods.

The platform business model is a unique and powerful way to build and grow a business. It allows sellers to take advantage of Amazon’s huge customer base, traffic, and marketing budget.

Linear Business Model

In a linear or traditional business model, all business aspects are under a single company's control. In this model, a company is responsible for making products, making a brand, managing sales, setting prices, marketing products, hiring employees, securing inventory, and keeping track of finances.

Linear businesses often sell their products through retailers, and they may have a contract with the retailer that outlines their responsibilities and those of the retailer. The retailer generally has no control over the product, brand, or business operations.

Platform Business Model

In the platform business model, one company creates a platform that connects two groups of customers and manages their interaction. In this model, one company owns the platform, manages customer relationships, and collects payments from both groups of customers.

Companies that use this business model may be online marketplaces, such as Amazon, or lead generation websites that sell leads to other businesses.

Amazon FBA Private Label Business Model

Private label sellers use the Amazon FBA private label business model to create and sell their own branded products on Amazon. This business model allows sellers to leverage Amazon’s scale and brand to drive sales and build their online brand.

Private label products are listed as "Amazon" products, and third-party suppliers often manufacture them. Sellers purchase these products in bulk, label them with their brand name, and sell them on Amazon.

How Does the Amazon Store Function?

Amazon has become the world's largest online retailer by understanding people's shopping habits and successfully serving their needs. It has many products and categories, including fashion and beauty, food, home and garden, electronics and computers, and many more.

The platform is open to third-party sellers, who can access Amazon’s customer base and infrastructure. Sellers can use Amazon’s website and services to promote, manage, and ship their products.

They pay a commission for products sold, a monthly subscription fee for access to Amazon’s services, and any fees associated with Amazon’s fulfillment services.

Pros of the Amazon Store Business Model

There are many benefits to the Amazon store business model, including access to Amazon’s customer base, low costs for start-up and ongoing business operations, access to Amazon’s fulfillment services, and Amazon’s marketing budget.

Amazon has a large customer base, including regular customers and Amazon Prime members. The company continues to grow and has increased its number of Prime members by more than 50% in the last two years.

Other customers use Amazon as their go-to online shopping destination, and they can be reached through ads and sponsored products. Amazon hosts millions of customers daily and has a sophisticated online platform that makes it easy to find, buy, and return items.

How Does an Automated Amazon Private Label Management Service Help Your Amazon Store?

Eminent Ecom is a leading, fully automated Amazon Private Label Management Service provider, assisting Amazon sellers in automating and scaling their Amazon FBA businesses.

We also offer Amazon sellers a suite of seller services through their platform. Sellers can use tools like product listing optimization, product discovery features, product research, product reviews, customer support, and marketing campaigns. 

E-Commerce Business Model 

The e-commerce business model is the most basic model for an online business. In this model, a company sells products and services over the internet. The e-commerce model is the most basic type of online business model, but it is also the most lucrative.

One of the best things about an e-commerce business is that you get to decide what products you sell. You can sell almost anything as long as it’s legal. 

You can even sell a combination of products and services. You have to follow a few rules, but you have a lot of freedom to make your business your own.

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Key Takeaway

All those aspiring entrepreneurs keen on starting an Amazon business should understand that Amazon is more than just a one-stop shop. One will have to source products from third-party suppliers, list them on the platform, and finally ship them to buyers.

There are significant challenges and investments associated with this business model. You can get around these problems if you work with a company like Eminent Ecom that offers an automated Amazon Private Label Management Service.