What Does "Amazon Preparing For Shipment" Mean?

December 27, 2022

Amazon is a major sales channel for many brands. Learn what "Amazon Preparing For Shipment" means and how to use this information to improve your business.

Amazon is the largest online shopping platform, with more than 340 million active users. The company offers various services to its customers from different businesses, which in turn helps it grow its business and reach a wider audience.

Amazon has become a trusted partner for millions of sellers, who leverage the e-commerce giant as an intermediary to sell their products. Many sellers constantly keep an eye on how Amazon operates and how they can improve their visibility or increase sales.

There’s no doubt that Amazon continues to be one of the most important sales channels for many brands. Today we’ll dive into some details on how Amazon operates and what it means when you see "preparing for shipment" on your orders. Keep reading!

What Does Amazon's "Preparing for Shipment" Mean?

The "preparing for shipment" status shows an item successfully sold at the total price. The seller has received payment and has enough time to deliver the product. The item can be tracked by following the shipment status on the Amazon order page.

The order status of an Amazon order can help you understand the current status of your order. This can be done using the status tracking page. The status page allows you to track the progress of your orders. The page also shows your order's location and the expected delivery time.

You can also use the status page to reach out to Amazon Customer Service about any issues. When you receive an order confirmation from Amazon, the "preparing for shipment" status shows that the seller has fulfilled their part of the agreement and is getting ready to deliver the product.

Another important aspect is that Amazon does not charge the customer for the product until it is shipped. This can be helpful for sellers who are trying to avoid chargebacks.

Fulfilled By Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, is one of the essential tools for sellers on Amazon. With FBA, you ship your items to an Amazon warehouse, which handles the rest.

FBA is a particular service for sellers because it allows them to focus on the parts of their businesses that are most important to their growth. One of the significant reasons Amazon has become so popular is because it provides services like FBA that make it easier for sellers to focus on the aspects of their businesses that are integral to their success.

FBA allows sellers to focus on creating a quality product, marketing their business, and making sales. It also lets sellers know that they are ensuring their products are handled carefully and will reach customers in the best shape possible.

Amazon FBA Warehouses

Amazon has a network of warehouses across the globe where the company stores products for its sellers. This is where your FBA shipments are initially stored before being forwarded to your customers. Those warehouses are primarily located in the US, Mexico, Brazil, and China.

The warehouses provide Amazon sellers with a significant advantage. It allows them to ship their products to customers outside their state. Instead of shipping the orders from their homes or business spaces, Amazon can ship the products directly to their customers.

The shipping costs are calculated using Amazon rates, which are generally lower than what sellers would have to pay otherwise.

Step 1: Receiving

The first step in the FBA process is receiving the goods from the seller and ensuring they are in good condition. This step is essential so that your inventory is not damaged before you can sell it. If any of the goods get broken, it will be up to you to fix or replace them.

Step 2: Packaging

The second step is packaging the goods, so they reach the customers in a clean and undamaged condition. This step is essential, as it ensures that your customers receive what they paid for in the best condition possible.

If the goods are damaged when they reach the customer, Amazon may not pay the order amount.

Step 3: Storage

The third step is storing the goods until they sell. This step is essential to having time to sell the goods without running out of room in your inventory. The number of times goods are stored in an Amazon warehouse depends on the seller.

When sellers first start selling their products on Amazon, they face challenges. One is knowing which items to sell and which to avoid. To help sellers, Amazon has a list of items with high sales demand in each category. By following this list, sellers can increase their chances of success.

Amazon Order Statuses Explained

While we’ve already covered that orders go through several statuses before reaching their "shipped" state, we’ve yet to examine their meaning. What does it mean when an order is in the "preparing for shipment" phase?

Orders are in their "pending" state for up to 24 hours after they’re placed. Once the order is marked as "shipped," the customer receives a tracking number. You’ll see the "processing" status if a seller works on the product.

This includes the product being added to inventory and being priced. If a seller has more than one product, they may work on all of them simultaneously. The "approved" status means that the sellers have confirmed the order.

They’ve also confirmed that they have the items in stock and are ready for shipment. The "canceled" status means that the customer has requested the cancellation of their order.

How Is My Shipment's Status Determined?

The status of your Amazon shipments is subject to a variety of factors. To start, you must know the shipping service you are using. Customers expect their orders to ship quickly, so you need to find a shipping method to get their products to them quickly.

If your shipment is expected to take too long, Amazon may cancel the order. If you’re using FBA, there are a few factors to remember. One of the most important things is whether you’ve picked a shipping speed that will meet Amazon’s requirements.

If not, Amazon may cancel your order. If your shipment is too large for the shipping service you’ve chosen, it may not reach its destination in the amount of time Amazon requires.

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Amazon is one of the most important sales channels for many brands. When your products are for sale on Amazon, you want to ensure that customers buy them as quickly as possible. These tips can help you improve your product’s visibility and increase sales:

  • Make sure your product is correctly optimized for Amazon. This includes the product title, image, and description.
  • Pick a product that is in high demand. If the product is out of stock, use Amazon Fulfillment.
  • If a product is sold out, use Amazon Fulfillment. Amazon will stock your product in one of its warehouses.

Amazon is a great sales channel for any business, but it’s essential to ensure you do everything possible to increase your sales. These tips will help you sell more products and reach more customers.